Hoss and David's, Double Cheeseburger with crispy fries and a Coca Cola drink

the freshest and finest

the freshest and finest

the freshest and finestthe freshest and finestthe freshest and finest

Hoss & David’s burger recipes are a classic, delicious meal served with the freshest and finest ingredients.

Come try our specialties! 


About Us

Our Mission

To treat our hospitality teams with respect, compassion and humility and to serve our customers the finest, best-tasting, highest quality burgers with a smile and a caring attitude.

The Founders

Hoss Carpenter & David Littlefield have a passion for the hospitality industry and the experience in making a thriving, customer-focused environment. We take the love customers have for a good burger and make a product that satisfies the need for a unique, gourmet blend. Come taste for yourself!


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